Monthly Archives: March 2013

March 29


HIS GAZES FILLED US WITH PARADISE Sorrowful Mama, I see You kiss the lifeless eyes of Jesus, and I feel pierced in seeing that Jesus no longer looks at You. How many times His Gazes filled You with Paradise, and made You rise again from death to Life; and now, not seeing Yourself gazed upon, […]

March 12

Above All: For God’s Pleasure… (this really challenges us) /// The Spiritual Combat, 10.

The Spiritual Combat, Chapter 10: Of the Exercise of the Will and the end to which all our actions, whether Interior or Exterior, should tend (text below) (click for full book) —– GOAL OF LIFE: TO DO WHAT PLEASES GOD! (This book is awesome!) In our teacher’s words: ‘to regulate the will so that in […]

March 11

I Will Return to God

This very unconventional song is a powerful expression of the Father’s strong and jealous desire for each individual soul which He has created and redeemed in the Blood of His Son. Our response to this great love is expressed: “I will return to my first love.” 20 minutes of an increasingly intense connection of the […]

March 11


Chapter 9: Of another danger from which the Understanding must be guarded in order that it may exercise a True Discernment (text below) (click for full book) In a world that loves sound bites of information, random facts, Wikipedia answers and “Google it” results, this teaching seems ridiculous!!!  Our teacher cuts again.  Don’t strive to […]

March 11

The Open Heart of Our Father God

“His father saw him and was moved with compassion, and ran to him…” (Lk 15:20) God’s incomprehensible love of penitent sinners*.  Though the sinner has offended Him so grievously and so often, yet He reproaches him not, but forgives him everything, and restores him to his former rights and dignity of sonship. – He re-clothes […]

March 05


Chapter 8: Of the hindrances to a Right Discernment of Things, and of the method to be adopted in order to understand them properly (text below) (click for full book) The famous expression “If it feels good, do it.”  This chapter cuts that down, fast.  Our guide teaches us that if we are ruled by […]

March 04

Our Fruitlessness – God’s Faithfulness (Audio Sermon)

In Luke 13, Jesus shows us the just working of the Father. Jesus shows us that we have been unfruitful. Jesus shows us the patience and mercy that He wins for us. What would be our response? It is time to bear fruit!