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February 25


Chapter 6: Further directions how to attain Self (text below) (click for full book) This chapter has three main points, and these three points are exceedingly beautiful… and important! Point 1: Everything is assisted by the GRACE of God. Point 2: God’s STRENGTH is matchless and supreme. Point 3: VICTORY is mine, as long as […]

February 25

Strength To Endure (Audio Sermon)

Excerpt from audio sermon “Strength to Endure”: You’ve heard it before: There is no Easter Sunday without Good Friday That is: There is no Resurrection without the Crucifixion. That is: If you want to be in glory with Jesus, you must first suffer with Jesus. That is: If you want to be serious about the […]

February 03

Revisiting the Cafeteria (Audio Sermon)

Revisiting the Cafeteria Cafeteria Christianity was a popular discussion a few years back. The 4th Chapter of Luke shows a people accepting Jesus when they like what He says, and the same people rejecting Jesus when they don’t like what He says. What He says is true, whether we like it or not. Full Text: […]