Waking Up The Body Of Christ (Audio Sermon)


– – – – –
Has God given you an ear to hear today?
Has God given you an open heart to receive His word?

We have something happening in our country that will kill our country, if your ears are not open to hear God’s word, and you hearts open to receive it.

There is a kingdom of darkness rising, and it has already placed its foot in the door. This kingdom is advancing from any possible angle it can find. This kingdom has sometimes been called the Culture of Death. Whatever one might call its manifestation, this kingdom belongs in Hell, and we are letting it arise to reign on this earth.

I am speaking not of one thing, but of many things. But let us use one example to begin. On Friday the 25th, upwards of 500,000 people gathered for the March for Life in Washington to protest the 40 year old law legalizing abortion. First, let me praise those 500,000, and the thousands who assisted the campaign. We should also praise the countless 10s of thousands who gathered throughout the nation, on the West Coast, at State Capitols, and at county courthouses.

The following day, on the 26th, there was another march on Washington, this time for gun control. There were an estimated 3266 people ready to march for this cause of gun control. What I would like to point out is the media coverage regarding these two events. I have been at home sick these past four days and so I have had plenty of time to take in the news of the day. The two events received about the same amount of coverage. If EWTN wouldn’t have carried the March for Life, I would have barely known it existed. News reports regarding both marches said about the same thing: March Draws Thousands. One drew 3 thousand. The other drew 500 thousand. Why would the headlines read the same?

I was watching MSNBC, and a reporter was sharing his story of his partner having an abortion when they were younger and how proud he was that they waited until they were ready to raise a family. Another reporter stressed that it’s very important for women to have abortions so that they can enjoy the life they want. In the same 30 minutes, it may have been the same reporter, it was said that we need to do all that we can to tighten gun laws, so that we protect our children.

Brothers and sisters, do you see what is going on? Do you see the blindness that is spreading through our land, or are you blind yourselves?

The Culture of Life must wake up! The Body of Christ must wake up! It is time for you to rise. It is time for you to unite. It is time for you to fight. And in Jesus Christ, it is time for you to be victorious!

To rise – To unite – To fight – What do I mean?

To rise:
This means to wake up. This means to open your eyes. This means to be aware of what surrounds you. This means to stop being fed by atheistic media and start being fed by the Word of God and the teaching of Jesus Christ.

To unite:
This means to gather. This means to reach out to those who share common goals. This means to affirm what is good in the other, and to build on that which is good.
This means a right ordering. To use our example: I can affirm that the issue of gun control is important. I can affirm that the protection of children is of serious concern in this regard. I cannot, however, place gun control above the topic of ending abortion. If we are to be united, we must understand that which is most foundational. Begin there. Build there.

But how does one decide what is most foundational? Sometimes it may be difficult. But in this case it is not difficult. Killing children in a school is not legal in the United States. Killing children in the womb is legal in the United States. That is where we must begin.

There are those who choose to unite themselves to certain activist campaigns. And that is good, if they are campaigning for the good. But it is not enough to campaign for the good. We must campaign for the greatest good. What do I mean? I mean you must allow your desires, your passions, your goals – you must allow them to be purified, elevated, redeemed in Jesus Christ, so that you will fight for that which is best. If I am very concerned for neglected animals, that is good. But if I become consumed with this concern, to the neglect of something more important, it ceases to be a good. I have become blind, narrow-minded, confused, divided. This is one of the goals of the kingdom of darkness, division, isolation, competition.

To fight:
To fight means to act. It means to pray. It means to engage. It means to move out from your comfort. It means to study. It means to stop depending on others to do things in your stead. How many claim they don’t know what to do, but have never asked what they can do?
How many claim they don’t understand the issues, but have never researched to find out?
How many don’t participate in events because “nobody told me about it.” Who is this Nobody, and why was it his job to tell you?
How many will say, “Church and State are to be separate,” and “keep God out of Washington.” If that is used by Christians as a reason to do nothing, that is foolish. If God isn’t there, the devil is happy to take his place.

If the message of Jesus Christ doesn’t pervade every aspect of our land, the message of the kingdom of darkness will. Just because Christianity isn’t the religion of the state doesn’t mean Christians can’t run the state!

Listen to the words of Pope Paul VI, regarding your task and mine:
What matters is to evangelize man’s culture and cultures (not in a purely decorative way, as it were, by applying a thin veneer, but in a vital way, in depth and right to their very roots… always taking the person at one’s starting-point and always coming back to the relationships of people among themselves and with God. (Evangelii Nuntiandi, 20.)

Pope John Paul II, commenting on those very words, said this:
A faith that does not become culture is a faith not fully accepted, not entirely thought out, not faithfully lived. (Discourse to participants in the National Congress of the Ecclesial Movement for Cultural Commitment, Jan 16, 1982)
It is this: You are not part of the Body of Jesus Christ for nothing. You are members of His Body to make Him known. You all have a most important role to play. Don’t let yourselves be sold short. You don’t have to be smart. You don’t have to be a celebrity. You do have to be faithful. You do have to be united to Jesus. You do have to pray, and ask Him what He would have you do. And then you must do it.

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