Little Drummer Boy


Little Drummer Boy performed by Faith Hill and acapella choir of men on David Letterman.

Why the little drummer boy is worthy:

The little drummer boy admits his own poverty, his lack of gift to bring the newborn King.  He is humble.  He is poor.  He is in a perfect position to be lifted up.  Mary looks to him and brings him to Jesus.

We must acknowledge our own poverty.  We must acknowledge our own lack-of-gift to bring.  Jesus is full of everything, and we are in lack.  When we acknowledge this, we are in a perfect position to be lifted up.

“I HAVE NO GIFT TO BRING!”  we declare.  Then He gives us the greatest gift, He brings us into His very presence and fills us with honor and glory.  We receive our gift, instead of trying to establish, mistakenly, that we have worthy gifts on our own.  Thank you, Jesus!