The Spiritual Combat

Chapter 2: Distrust of Self (click to read)

This chapter, at the very core of the teaching of The Spiritual Combat, goes against many modern views of ‘The Self’ or ‘Positive Thinking’ or ‘Liking Me’.  The purpose of the chapter on Distrust of Self is to establish the goodness of God as the fountain head of every good in us.  Otherwise, we too easily think that we have somehow created goodness in ourselves.  This chapter is about our dependence on God for everything, and we need to establish that we are not gods but God’s, that is, His possession and prize.

Dom Lorenzo (the author) identifies four ways to come to this distrust of self:

1) Learn of your own inability to get to Heaven, because you are fallen.

2) Since God wants to give us this gift of self distrust and we do not have it, ask Him for it.

3) Recognize the very dangerous situation you are in.

4) Allow your falls to teach you to distrust yourself (which will lead you to trust in God.)


Chapter 3: Of Trust in God

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